Is it Possible to Keep Off the Bad Bacteria Types

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The greatest puzzle for many people has always been how to differentiate good bacteria types from bad bacteria types. This situation usually occurs when you want to either use bacteria for beneficial purposes like yogurt production or just wanting to know more of the bad bacteria so that you can be able to keep off from them. Although both types of bacteria are important to learn about, many a times, keen interest is given to the harmful types of bacteria. The reason behind this is that, people want to prevent themselves from suffering the enormous torture brought along with it.

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Well, have trouble no more as you try to differentiate these two sets of bacteria because i will show you categories of the bad bacteria types.

We begin with one particular rod-shaped bacterium known as the Yersinia pestis alias bubonic plague. This type of bacterium is transmitted by bacteria-carrying fleas and is said to be a very harmful bacterium.It was even branded the name “Black death” due to the fact that it causes a dark discoloration in the victim’s face after the victim has died. Yersinia pestis killed millions of people in Europe almost half of its population during the 14th century. It was being transmitted by flea bites and the effects were able to spread widely in a fast mode due to the fact that the bacteria could be carried and passed from one individual to the other by flea-carrying animals such as rats and mice. Buy Zithromax, fights various kinds of bacteria treating infections. The deadly disease that this micro-organism brought was known as plague which was little known back in the 14th century hence doctors were not able to save people due to the fact that they were not knowledgeable about the disease.

Today, the minute occurrences of this disease still take place but due to the evolving medical researches, it can be treated before it has caused much harm.

Anthrax is another deadly bad bacteria type of its own kind. The bacteria infects animals, especially cattle and sheep by destroying or damaging the animal’s body cells and making them not to function properly. Most of the times the animal would be seen to have bad sours on the skin before it finally dies.

To add to the list of bad bacteria types are the pathogenic bacteria.They are termed to be some of the most harmful bacteria that can ever exist in a human body. This group of bacteria is believed to cause infections such as syphilis, cholera, tetanus tuberculosis, food borne illnesses and fever. Pathogens are formed whenever the bacteria get to form parasitic associations with other living organisms surrounding them hence being able to feed from the host and at the same time causing sickness to the same host.

The salmonella and E. coli are bacteria known to cause food poisoning in people therefore they are also seen as being part of the bad bacteria types. They enter the body through the mouth because they attach themselves to the food that we eat. After we have ingested the contaminated food, the bacteria become active in the digestive system and makes improper reactions to occur during the digestion process. The victim usually undergoes a lot of pain as a result of these bacteria tampering with the digestive system in the body.

Stay safe and avoid as much as possible not to be exposed to the bad bacteria types now that you know them.

Halle Berry Nude Breast

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Jessica Alba Campari Calendar 09

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Jessica Alba showed off her fantastic body for a new calender.

She posed with glass and bottles of Campari alongside male models for the Italian aperitif’s limited-edition calendar.

Jessica explained: ‘All the clothes were very cool. They’re young, sexy and fresh.

Jessica Alba Campari Calendar
Jessica Alba Campari Calendar

“I’m usually walking around in comfy clothes with a baby on my arm and it’s nice to dress things up and feel sophisticated, sexy and surrounded by so much beauty. Also being surrounded by Brazilian models made it even easier. It was all very chic, but still young and cool, my favourite combination.”

Venice Under Water

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The recent “acqua alta” (high water) in Venice, Italy reached a depth of 1.56 meters (5 ft, 1 in.) on Monday – the deepest flood in 22 years, and the fourth highest flood level in recent history, claimed Venice’s Tide Center. The water began to subside on Tuesday, while residents and tourists made their way through the city, hip-waders or not – one man even took the opportunity to ride his wakeboard through Piazza San Marco (until police stepped in). Although this flood was severe enough for the mayor to ask tourists to temporarily stay home, Venetian floods are fairly routine, several occurring every year, and residents usually take it all in stride.



venice water

Shopkeepers block the entrance of their shop with a wood panel as water rises in the streets of Venice.


A man wades through the Piazza San Marco during floods.

Venice under water

A view of a flooded dock area of Venice.

italy venice

venice img

Tourists wade through flood waters in a shopping district of Venice.

venice world news

Women sit on a table while water rises in their shoe shop during floods.

Glass Bed And Sofa By Santambrogio Milano

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Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano design and produce their Simplicity line of furniture using superdurable tempered glass. The collection uses the ultra-clear Diamant Glass by Saint Gobain. The glass bed and sofa below are only the latest in a growing line of glass furniture that Santambrogio Milano have produced, past pieces include tables, benches, chaise lounges, and entire kitchens and bathrooms all made of glass.

glass bed

glass furniture

glass sofa

Santambrogio Milano

designed By Santambrogio Milano

How China Gets Gold Medals???

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It’s because of their true commitment and dedication towards sports.

china medals

beijing china

China Sportsmen

china trainers

olympics china sportsmens

china gold medals sportsmens

olympics china trainers

best gym results

Beijing Olympics 2008 Results

MS Windows Vista SP2 RTMs in April ‘09

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The Malaysian website Tech ARP, which previously figured out the release schedule for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3, has looked into its crystal ball again and predicts Vista SP2 will be released to manufacturing in April 2009. First, though, a release candidate (RC) will be released in February.

Vista SP2

So, what will be the big attractions in Vista SP2? 

  • Windows Search 4.0
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack
  • Native Blu-Ray recording
  • Windows Connect Now support for easier Wi-Fi connections
  • UTC timestamp support in the exFAT file system to enable correct file synchronization across timezones

Keep in mind that Vista SP2 will only install on systems running Vista SP1.

So, how does the Vista SP2 release schedule jibe with previous service pack releases? ZDNet’s Ed Bott (whom I assisted many moons ago on the book Special Edition Using Windows Me) has run the numbers on the typical timespan between service packs, and finds that the space between Vista SP1 and the predicted release of Vista SP2 is on par with most Microsoft service pack releases other than those for Windows XP: about a year after the previous service pack.

Why is Windows XP an exception? Bott notes that Windows XP broke the pattern established by Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. It took almost two years to release XP SP2 after XP SP1, and almost four years elapsed between XP’s SP2 and SP3. Thus, Vista SP2, if it comes out as predicted, will mark a return to normal.

So, what do you think? Does the projected release date for Vista SP2 make sense, or does it still seem “rushed” as some have suggested? Hit Comment and tell us your thoughts.

Phillip Toledano: “Bankrupt”

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Maybe it’s part of our own human arrogance, but there’s something fascinating about imagining the world with us no longer in it. Not a world where we never existed, but the world as it would go on if at this very moment, today, rapture-like, we all of a sudden disappeared. Not vacated and had time to clean-up what we thought shouldn’t be left behind, but just vanished with little warning.


With “Bankrupt”, acclaimed NYC-based photographer Phillip Toledano gives us perfect snapshots of something that equates our abolition about as closely as it can while we’re still hanging around. In another facet of his study of those sort of sterile, factory, monolithic modern offices he examined in his series “Cubelife”, here he looks at offices that are no longer because they went under. The interesting this is that, as is part of the risk of the modern Western economy, businesses now can almost literally disappear – bankrupt and shut down and finished in a day. These aren’t places where everyone was notified and packed up and left everything spotless for their predecessors. These are buildings where people quite literally grabbed what they cared about and then just disappeared.

bankrupt philip toledano

Phillip Toledano

bankrupt Toledano


The detritus speaks volumes. And raises questions – “why is there a single white gym sock on the office floor?”. With nobody remaining there to answer our queries, we’ll simply never get to know…

“As I started shooting bankrupt offices I found it to be more archaeology than photography. Everywhere I went I found signs of life, interrupted.”

bank phillip toledano

bankrupt sofa

bankrupt books


Below is my favourite shot: the two errant pencils thrown into one of those awful, generic, cheap-ass flatboard ceilings found in faceless offices from coast to coast:

Phillip Toledano: “Bankrupt”

Toledano is super well known and much blogged about for his disturbing body-morphic series “Hope & Fear” (check out the “baby suit”…) but he’s also got some of the most innovative, interesting editorial work around. His entire site is definitely worth a full scope out, but here are just a few of my favourites:

toledano phillip


kosmonaut toledano

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