The Absolut Icebar, Shanghai

6:42 am Night Life

See the opening of The Absolut Icebar, billed as Asia’s first ice bar. The concept is that there’s a lot of ice and ice sculptures, and it’s really cold inside. Absolut says that the ice being used isn’t just any old ice, but the pure stuff from the Torne River in Sweden.

The problem is that this place is being billed as “Asia’s first ice bar,” which seems to us as not completely true. In Shanghai, for example, we had Taste of Scandinavia as well as part of Binjiang One, both of which boasted similar set ups, the parkas, subzero temperatures, etc. Check out pictures out pictures of some of the cool cats that hung out at Taste of Scandinavia last year.

This newest one, which is still under construction (the sculptors are still working on the ice sculptures that will adorn the inside) is located on Huai Hai Lu. Sinosplice has some pictures from the outside. It seems that the only way you could really call this place the first ice bar in Asia is if you say all the non-Absolut ones don’t count.

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