Motorcycle trike for the disabled and handicapped

7:55 am Motorsport

Motorcycles are dangerous, so it’s no surprise that way to many motorcycle riders end up in wheelchairs Luckily that doesn’t mean they can’t continue riding. First of all there is always the option of riding in a side car, but you can also get special motorcycle trikes for wheelchair users.

One motorcycle trike for the disabled and handicapped is the Martin Conquest that is based on an ordinary BMW model. The back of the motorcycle can open up, so you can drive your wheelchair up a small ramp and into the motorcycle. When you are in the motorcycle, you control it while still sitting in your wheelchair.

Another motorcycle trike for the disabled and handicapped is Boss Hoss Advantage. It’s built after the same principles as the Martin Conquest, so once again you enter it from the back and steer while sitting in your wheelchair.

The Conquest is based on BMW 850 or 1150 motorbikes which have been integrated into a racing car-type aluminium body shell.

The ‘trike’ will cost £18,500 – about the same as a new family car – and Mr Martin hopes it will appeal to former bikers who are no longer able to climb into the saddle, as well as aspiring disabled riders.

The 1150cc version will accelerate from 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds and has a top speed of 85mph. But Mr Martin says the one he drove on a test track topped 100mph and was “as steady as a rock“.

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