Art Lebedev’s Reflectus Laser Clock

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Art Lebedev’s Reflectius (concept) features sixty rotating mirrors that successively reflect a single laser beam at precise angles to draw numbers. The body of the clock has a complex triangulated surface that reminds of the complicated trajectory the beam of light travels in no time.

The body of the clock has a complex triangulated surface that reminds of the complicated trajectory the beam of light travels in no time.

Release date: 09.04.2010

Dimensions: height 124 mm (4.9″), width 260 mm (10.2″), depth 76 mm (3″)

The Console War Is Officially Over

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It’s a comics some people should definitely look at; this console war with all its hatred is so useless and stupid in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, I have my favorites, but I certainly don’t feel the need to enter in this pointless war…

Innovative Laser Crosswalk Concept

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Virtual Wall is an innovative device that makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the road by projecting laser images when the red traffic light is on.

Designed by Hanyoung Lee, the goal is to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness and to encourage both to follow the crosswalk rules.

Eporo: Nissan develops robots that can rove in packs

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Nissan announced that it has developed robots that are able to move in a group without colliding into each other. Much like a school of fish, the so-called Eporo can also avoid obstacles standing in their way safely. Nissan claims this is the first time the world sees robots that are able to show group behavior.

The company doesn’t necessarily plan to commercialize the cute little robots themselves but aims at employing the underlying technology in their future vehicles. Obviously, the experience gained in the process of designing the Eporo could be used for vehicles that could communicate with each other to avoid collisions. Another potential side effect, according to Nissan, would be that the technology could reduce the number of traffic congestions in the future.

Nissan presented the BR23C robot car, Eporo’s first version, back in September 2008. The general public will be able to see a group of six Eporos next week during the CEATEC 2009 that will take place just outside Tokyo.

Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System

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Got sleep disorders?

“Sleep better with our clinically proven sleep sound machine” – that’s what Tranquil Moments sleep sound therapy system claims to be able to do to help those deprived of sleep have a good sleep.

This sound machine for sleep uses five nature soundscapes and seven clinically engineered sounds developed by the Center of Neuroacoustic Research. An exclusive Brookstone product, Tranquil Moments sound machines play sounds based on Delta, Alpha, or Theta brainwaves that helps you to sleep well. The Sleep Enhancement Technology slows down the playback speed gradually over a 20-minute period to lull you to sleep.

The product is quite similar to little sleep machine in terms of what it does, that is put you to sleep. The only difference being – the price factor.

Brookstone Tranquil Moments machine costs $130, while little sleep machine costs only $30 and both seems to be doing the same thing.

Computer Keyboard Pillows

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Certain people who qualify as being more than regular geeks prefer to stay by their computers even when it is time to go to sleep. Such people might suffer from angst and dejection at the thought of leaving their favorite place by the system. If you are such a person, you would love the Pillow Keyboard for it turns your favorite apparatus of input into a comfy and soft pillow.

This pillow is still in the conceptual stage and hence, you may not be able to find it in any of the stores at the moment. The Pillow Keyboard could actually be a problem if one were to type for a long time. Many have noticed that the keyboard may not exactly be ergonomic as it would be soft and could making typing an uncomfortable task.

There have been many other interesting pillow designs we have featured earlier. If keyboards aren’t your thing, you must try the Laptop Pillow instead, as that would allow you to take your work and your sleep to any place you want! If all this geekish stuff makes you queasy, you must try and check out the terrifying Blood Pillow Design, which will surely put the geeks to rest, forever.

the keyboard pillow

Illuminated showerhead (cool)

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illuminated showerheadWanna relax and have fun while taking a bath? Then this unbelievable gadget is just for you, it’s the illuminated shower head.

This fun product has it’s origin in China, is chrome coated and is environmentally friendly.
There are five different colors of its LED light: green, blue, pink, red and white. You may even get one designed specially for you if you have some specific color requirements. It is very easy to install, just by replacing your own showerhead.

It turns on by itself once the water begins to run through it, this means there are no batteries needed. All you need is to get yourself into the shower, relax and meditate in colors you love.
The showerhead is going to become not only a colorful device, but also a piece of style in your bathroom, where the atmosphere will totally change basing on your color mood.