Marussia B2 & B1 Teased for Frankfurt

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Marussia has teased their new vehicle, the Marussia B2, for a Frankfurt premiere. The B1 was designed “in the style of a jet fighter,” and looks like it uses rivets as styling points. The darkened photos are intriguing, to say the least.

The Russian company introduced their B1 Hybrid Supercar in their home country last year. The €100,000 car uses a 3.5-liter V6, the B1 debuted with everything from a plasma video screen, to a high-speed internet connection. It was designed by Top Gear Russia star Nikolai Fomenko, a former driver in both the Le Mans and FIA GT series.

Both cars will be on stage in Frankfurt from this week on, marking the non-Russian debut of the Marussia B1 and the global debut of the Marussia B2.

Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System

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Got sleep disorders?

“Sleep better with our clinically proven sleep sound machine” – that’s what Tranquil Moments sleep sound therapy system claims to be able to do to help those deprived of sleep have a good sleep.

This sound machine for sleep uses five nature soundscapes and seven clinically engineered sounds developed by the Center of Neuroacoustic Research. An exclusive Brookstone product, Tranquil Moments sound machines play sounds based on Delta, Alpha, or Theta brainwaves that helps you to sleep well. The Sleep Enhancement Technology slows down the playback speed gradually over a 20-minute period to lull you to sleep.

The product is quite similar to little sleep machine in terms of what it does, that is put you to sleep. The only difference being – the price factor.

Brookstone Tranquil Moments machine costs $130, while little sleep machine costs only $30 and both seems to be doing the same thing.

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion Made From Used CD Cases

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Preparations for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 are heating up and many countries are getting in on the action by designing structures for the space. We couldn’t help but be dazzled by the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion by Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, but we were even more impressed to learn that the fascinating building is composed of thousands of plastic tubes made from used CD cases! Read on to find out what other green features the pavilion is incorporating besides the extensive use of recycled materials.

The impressive exterior structure is composed of hundreds of polycarbonate transparent recycled plastic tubes formed into a grid-like matrix. Recycled from used CD cases, the polycarbonate tubes will be able to be recycled again at the end of the building’s life. Multi-colored LED lights will be built into the exterior structure and be computer controlled to change the appearance of the exterior on a whim or based on a computer program.

Energy will be collected through a 1,600 sq meter solar thermal energy system of heat collecting tubes on the roof. This system will heat water up to 95ºF and will be used to generate electricity through ultra-low temperature power generation, which is similar to power generation from low-temperature geothermal reservoirs. This energy will be used for the both the exposition as well as every day power needs.

A misting system will also add to the structures appearance and help give it a dream like feel. It can be sprayed in various patterns under the entrance ceiling to give the building a fresh and elegant appearance. The mist will also help lower the temperature, purify the air and create a comfortable climate in pavilion. Mist and some water use inside the building will come from collected rainwater, which will be treated for sedimentation and then filtered and stored.

Next year’s World Expo in Shanghai should be an exciting event showcasing many sustainable buildings, technologies and ideas. The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion looks like an intriguing and original addition.

How to treat a Common Cold

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Prevention of a cold includes adequate sleep and a well balanced diet that reinforces the immune system. A low fat, high fibre diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended. Supplementation may help reduce severity and length of infection.

Treatment of cold and flu includes adequate fluids (hot kinds, except for milk, are best), which helps to sustain the losses that occur with a fever and evaporation from breathing through your mouth. Liquids may include drinks such as Chicory or Dandelion coffee (start with a very weak cup 1st and gradually increase the strength of this and the frequency of the drinks), Immuni-tea, Red Raspberry tea, Chamomile and other tonic teas. Tepid to warm water with or without lemon juice added is also a good choice. Consume only simple foods. Avoid sugar, breads, tea, coffee, meat or junk food. The best things to have would be vegetable broths or soups (carrots, onion, parsley, potato etc), vegetable juices (carrots, parsley, celery), steamed vegetables, or a baked potato. Fruit is acceptable, but not citrus, except for lemons.

You can have small quantifies of fruit juice; two 150ml servings per day maximum (no citrus juices, except lemon). This needs to be diluted 50/50 with water.

Bayer Aspirin

Natural medicine works fantastically for colds and flu. Echinacea acts as a natural canadian antibiotics and immune system stimulant. It is ideal for upper respiratory problems and problems relating to the glands, such as tonsillitis and laryngitis. We have liquid Echinacea in Cold Relief or Triplex, which has 3 different varieties of Echinacea, as well as Relief lozenges.

If you have a cough or bronchial infection, take Mullein. Mullein is particularly good for coughing at night time and is a central nervous system relaxant. We also have Relief cough mixture for children, a very powerful cough syrup.

Vitamin C – 500mg every hour till bowel motions become looser. Do this except in cases where a lot of mucous exists, as it may exacerbate mucous production.

If you suffer with repetitive colds and flu you should take a course of Astraforte. This is a deep immune tonic that helps rebuild the immune system. It is best not taken while sick but as an ideal tonic for a pre-winter immune system boost.

For the relief of sore throat use the intensive dosage of Relief, take White Willow Bark capsules or gargle with Sage tea. Allow Relief liquid to trickle down your throat. Alternatively you can use Relief Lozenge’s. For a cough we recommend Relief cough syrup. This is an effective cough mixture and this comes in both an adult and child formula.

Other nutrients include Zinc, which if taken at the first sign of infection will avoid or shorten the duration of a cold. Unsaturated fatty acids reduce the incidence and duration of colds. Vitamin B6 helps in the production of antibodies that defend the body against infection. However you should not take any single B vitamin on its own, as this can cause a depletion in the other B vitamins. So take a B complex. Vitamin A is necessary to maintain the health of mucous membranes of the respiratory passages. Some people have found that taking vitamin D has helped in the prevention of colds.

Nutritional and Herbal support includes:

  • Advanced Antioxidant Formula – Supplies all the antioxidants for immune modulation.
  • Bio Attack – A potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial herbal formula, containing olive leaf and garlic.
  • Emphysemol – A liquid herbal tonic specifically for congestion, lung problems, phlegm and for immune support.
  • Sambucol Immune – Elderberry extract. An excellent viral herb. Great for tonsillitis.
  • Zinc – An important mineral needed for correct immune functioning.
  • Eutherol – Fabulous antiseptic formula. Perfect for treating and soothing sore throats, colds and sinus problems. Delicious and may be used frequently to shorten infection time.

Some interesting points on the Common Cold:

  • Keep the body heated by using hot pungent herbs, like ginger, horseradish, and fenugreek. These warm the body, increase digestion, reduce congestion (breeding ground for infections) and enhance the nutrient absorption of foods.
  • Children with frequent colds or flu may need to be checked for thyroid problems.
  • Maintain intake of fluids, sip hot liquids such as chicken soup or vegetables broths.
  • At the first sign of a cold, use an Echinacea liquid extract (Ideal Health stocks a full range) to boost your immune system and keep the virus from multiplying. Take your multivitamin twice a day.
  • Remain as active as possible. Moving around helps to loosen mucus and stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for some of your immunity. This does not mean strenuous exercise such as running – this would further weaken your body.
  • It is unlikely that a vaccine will ever be developed to prevent the common cold because the viruses responsible have the ability to change in size and shape, and have hundreds of different forms.
  • Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, but are effective against bacteria. Viruses and bacteria may produce similar symptoms, but they are different kinds of microbes and do not respond to the same treatment.

Fake Shark Attack Wetsuit

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Picture yourself lying on the beach, soaking up the last of the afternoon sunshine when suddenly an ocean-soaked individual rises slowly from the water walking toward you – with bite marks down to the muscle showing on his arm and all over his chillingly realistic chewed-looking wetsuit.

Most wetsuits, designed to be sleek, functional and protective, are created to be stylish and simple – but there is nothing that says they have to be. These creative wetsuit designs by Diddo utilize custom inks and unique printing techniques to map original and lifelike textures onto suits that range from playful to historical and downright scary.

The first editions in the series include a rusted-looking pattern, reminding one of classic tales of deep-ocean diving, as well as a human musculature outfit as well as other naturalistic and high-tech patterns.

For now, these ingenius designs are available as limited editions and only by request but they will be in more complete production soon – including the creepy shark-chewed look.

The Year in Beer: Beer Drinking in America by Volume

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Beer. A sweet nectar from the gods themselves. A 8,000 year old process of refinement culminated into 12 oz of sublime libation. More than milk, coffee, or even bottle water, beer is the drink of choice for thirsty Americans of age. Yes, we Americans grease the wheels of human emotion with this social lubricant like no other. Some 200 million barrels a year go down our collective hatches. But instead of a string of numbers, lets visualize our way to grasping the United States’ yearly beer consumption.

Only China is has a greater thirst, but they also have an extra billion people’s thirst to quench so with only one fourth of the population, we certainly hold our own.

Of course the US beer industry is a juggernaught. Ranking around 35th on the global GDP list, our beer sales rival nations.

War is expensive, and so is free beer. Although it’s though unlikely to ever see a politician campaign with a “Make beer, not war” slogan, it is good to know that the economics are there to make it happen.

While we are day dreaming about free beer, have you ever wanted a swimming pool full of the stuff? I sure hope not. The logistics of keeping a beer pool fresh and cold, not to mention making sure your drunk buddies don’t pee in it, are mind boggling. But for 4% of the pool owners out there, this dream could be made a reality.

With moon-landing levels of public support, cooperation and diligence, we could get this lasting testament to the wonders of Beer created, and filled too. OK, still day dreaming here, but if you just wanted to visualize 30 teragrams of liquid, here you go. What’s a teragram? It’s a scientific way of saying “that’s fucking heavy!”

Speaking of the moon, where would a visualization attempt be without some reference to the distance to the moon? If its too big for “around the earth x times”‘ then its “to the moon and back x times”. Well this one was quite short of making it to our nearest neighbor, Mars, but this stack of cans tops out at a respectable 4.8 million miles of space. And just for you terrestrial types, that’s around the earth 185 times. But really, what a waste of beer.

Here we go, socialism I can support. Seriously though, here is our yearly consumption as it relates to you. You don’t drink, well that’s two beers a day for your neighbor. Your wife doesn’t drink? Three beers a day for your neighbor. Grandma never touches the stuff? Well then you get the idea. You might want to check in on your neighbor though, he may have a problem.

And finally, here is our yearly consumption and how it related those less fortunate. It’s all about resources, though I doubt even the starving could choke down malted meals five nights a week. Yes the United States is wealthy and enjoys the good life, but just imagine the destruction and carnage that would occur with a nation full of sober and serious people. The hungry masses just might agree.

Putin – Russian Marlboro Man

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When Vladimir Putin rode a horse bare-chested through a rustic region of Siberia, it produced astonishing images casting him as a rugged Russian outdoorsman.

In the official photographs and video, shown on state television, Putin cultivates the macho image that Russians appear to love as they look to him to keep the country stable and strong more than a year after he stepped down as president.

Putin was shown fishing and swimming the butterfly stroke in an icy river in the Tuva region of southern Siberia. He posed while sitting in a tree, wearing khaki pants and T-shirt with a canvas bush hat.

But the most astounding image was of 56-year-old Putin riding a horse through the mountains, his bare chest on full display.

While Americans may think of the Marlboro man, for Russians the more powerful association is the warrior heroes of Russian fairy tales who rode horseback and defended Russia from foreign invaders.

The shot of Putin posing in the tree drew comparisons to Nightingale the Robber, a character from a popular Russian folk epic who lives in a nest and has mystical powers. It was this picture that the Kremlin-friendly newspaper Izvestia put on its front page Wednesday, with more inside.

In visiting Tuva earlier this week, Putin was returning to the area where he and Prince Albert II of Monaco vacationed two years ago and where Putin first caused a sensation by fishing in a mountain river stripped to the waist.

Putin, who is married with two grown daughters, has long cultivated a macho image. He has often been shown on television skiing down mountains and practicing judo, in which he has a black belt.

He has copiloted a fighter jet, sailed on a nuclear-powered submarine and just last weekend descended 4,600 feet to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a mini-submarine on a four-hour mission to inspect crystals containing natural gas.

All of his exploits have been widely publicized, thanks to the government’s control of the major TV stations.

Putin’s summer holidays spent getting back to nature and fishing resonate with many Russians. They also provide a stark contrast to the yachting and globe-trotting lifestyles of many of Russia’s super rich.

Energetic, strong and sharp-witted, Putin has long been compared to his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, who was weakened by heart disease and embarrassed Russians with his drunken antics.

But in recent months, it is the contrast to Medvedev that has been more striking. The president shares nearly equal time with Putin on national television, but the bookish 43-year-old Medvedev is most often seen in coat and tie, presiding at meetings, engaged in diplomatic formalities or handing out awards at Kremlin ceremonies.

Putin has not ruled out returning to the presidency when Medvedev’s term ends in 2012.

LED Spray Graffiti

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Graffiti spray paint is sometime up for no reason, but there are those who use it as an art form. Well, either way, you’ll be having tons of fun when spray painting with LEDs (powered by an internal battery that recharges when the can is shaken). Thanks to French artist Aissa Logerot, the idea of painting with lights is possible. Shaped like a bottle of spray paint, the LED light colors are quickly changeable.

That way, your masterpiece doesn’t have to be in one color. I would love to have one of these to just draw on the wall with at night. This is a pretty cool idea for graffiti enthusiasts who are looking to have fun in a safe and legal way. Plus you won’t be inhaling all those toxic fumes. That’s a reason alone to get these.

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